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Selenite Orgone Pyramid extra large
Selenite Orgone Pyramid extra large
Selenite Orgone Pyramid extra large

Selenite Orgone Pyramid extra large

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Very Powerful Orgonite Pyramid X Large with:

Clear Quartz Crystal;
Tiger Eye;
Blue Kyanite;
Black Tourmaline;
Black Obsidian;
Copper Electric Motor;
Gold Flakes.

This orgonite contain a space in the center to insert Christmas/Fairy lights or Led lights

A stunning handmade Orgonite Pyramid.

Size: 17 cm height x 15 cm width
Weight: 2.889 Grams

All our Orgonites are made with love and intention.
They contain resin/metal shavings(brass/copper/aluminum) ( approx. 50/50 ratio) crystal quartz and gemstones.
Coils and spirals are meant to direct the energy flow.
These devices generate pure life energy, transmuting negative energy into positive and this creates a sense of well being and health.

It is properly built and will work continuously 24/7 without the need of charging or cleansing.

Best places for your Orgonite: Everywhere with intention. You can carry with you or leave anywhere in your house, office, car, etc. To help protect and balance energy.

Some of Orgonite benefits:
-Protects from EMFs/5G radiation
-Promotes better sleep
-Induces vivid dreams
-Promotes spiritual growth
-Improves relationships
-Accelerates plant growth
-Purifies atmosphere
-Promotes balance
-Promotes physical and spiritual health
Crystals used may also attract love, abundance, prosperity, calm, confidence, communication, inner peace, inner strength and joy.

Please be aware these are handmade so small imperfections may occur. Please have a good look of pictures and sizes before buying.

It is not intended for use as a healing device in the healing , treatment or remedy of any body or mind conditions, and therefore no claims in this regard are made expressed or implied. In all cases of illness or ill health, consult a licensed health practitioner of your choice and follow his/her recommendations.

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