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Effective Upper body fitness grip equipment.


  1.Get amazing results at home - fit & firm arms in minutes a Day
  2.Unique dynamic resistance movement shapes, tightens & tones hard to reach areas
  3.Burn calories while you work your triceps, biceps, shoulders, chest, back & more
  4.Perfect for all fitness levels and age groups
  5.Instant results with no joint strain! no more push-ups
Condition :100% Brand New
Main material : ABS
Color: White
Product size:25x21x10cm
Please note:
Due to the different methods of manual measurement and measurement, please allow 1-2cm error.
Due to different displays and photography reasons. The color of the picture feedback may vary. We will try our best to keep the real color.

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4932685721_18050760684474064295_613854106O-transporte-da-gota-caixa-de-Varejo-Armadura-maravilha-aperto-equipamento-de-fitness-for-a-Do (1)HTB1AjuRe_qWBKNjSZFxq6ApLpXaH

O-transporte-da-gota-caixa-de-Varejo-Armadura-maravilha-aperto-equipamento-de-fitness-for-a-Do (2)O-transporte-da-gota-caixa-de-Varejo-Armadura-maravilha-aperto-equipamento-de-fitness-for-a-Do9102453657_1553436038DSCF4668[2]



Arm Exerciser Grade: 20kg

Function: ARMS


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